Monday, November 08, 2010

Seven Things That Make Me Happy

Since I am officially done my month  -- okay, six weeks, but whose counting -- of mourning for the passing of my grandmother I have decided I will devote today's blog post to sharing a few things that make me happy.

1) I am an eternal optimist.  I always see the glass half full.  Sometimes even 3/4 full.  My husband's favorite phrase is "Murphy Says" as in Murphy's Law.  This obviously puts us constantly at odds.  But you know what, I LIKE being an optimist.  I like believing the best in people; that my team will come from 21 down to win (WE ARE......); that most people are intrinsically good; that the toast will land jelly side up and that the tickle on my upper lip won't turn into a cold sore.  I want to look through my rose colored glasses and see the world as a pretty place.  And I don't ever think that will change.

2) I like twitter.  Using the fun page, How Long Have You Been Tweeting, I discovered that I've been tweeting since March 6, 2008.  That's 977 days.  Wow.

3) Baubles make me happy.  Shiny, sparkly, blingy things make me smile.  So much so that I started making my own jewelry.  Like for real this time, not just a one and done thing.  I'm starting my own line, to be called, "BIG GIRL BAUBLES".... primarily bracelets, the bane of every big girl's existence.  You know, the cute stretchy kind that, if not large enough, will cut off the circulation in your hand or leave really attractive squeeze marks on your arm, or worst of all pop scattering all your pretty bling to the four winds.  Links to the new store coming soon!  Meanwhile, here is a tiny sneak peak....

4) I like when the clocks change and it gets dark early.  Makes me feel all snuggly inside.  And candles with autumn scents; pumpkin, spice, cranberry, sage and all those other warm earthy scents.  Yum!

5) My job makes me happy.  I have the most amazing job in the entire world.  If someone told me to write down my dream job description I would  say "Social Media & Marketing for a Yarn Company".  How many people get to live their dream? Seriously?  I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity I have been given and I hate the fact that sometimes I take it for granted.  Bad, bad me.

6) My Zune makes me happy.  I like that I don't have an iPod.  That I am not one of the pod people.  That being said, I do have serious iPad envy.  But I am especially happy that The Mighty Mighty Bosstones "The Impression That I Get" is playing right now as I type this.  I LOVE that song!

7) And last, but never least, my family makes me happy.  My husband is the most amazing provider in the world.  My kids make me smile, make me laugh and make me feel loved.  Even when I want to strangle them on occasion, they fill me with an indescribable joy and I am incredibly proud to be their momma.

So, what makes YOU happy?

p.s. Counting Crows "Round Here" just started -- my absolute favorite song ever.  See, happy.


rachelmottern said...

Love your blog! It's so inspiring. Can't wait to see more of your bling. May have to get myself a bracelet! They are beautiful. Miss you guys-Rachel

Courtney L. Kramer said...

I love reading your posts! This is definitely by far one of my favorites. Your new jewelry line looks amazing! I can't wait to see all the new pretty blingies!

The things that make me happy-- spending time with my family, knitting, listening to & singing music, and my job!

Unknown said...

Right now reading this post made me happy. Thank you.

Emily said...

Momma A, you have always made me happy. we have had 2 months without you and just the fact that I knew you and felt loved by you makes me happy. will miss you forever and always.