Monday, July 27, 2009


Thanks to all who helped organize the effort. He was visiting from out of town & has been reunited with his family now.

Special thanks to Amy Sealover, Holly Giglio, Michele Segal, Brenda Hartman, York Regional Police and everyone else behind the scenes who jumped to the call early this morning.

If anyone has any further questions or concerns, please email us,

Thank you!!!

Help find this boy's family


Approx age 12-16, Caucasian, blond hair, non-verbal. Found in Red Lion, PA on Monday, July 27 around 8am.

If you have ANY information on who this boy might be, please contact York Regional Police or ASA York, 717-801-1272.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

must. breathe.

Holy cow! I love spinners!

I’ve gotten orders for over 60 bags already! Anyone who orders from this point forward will be “pending”. That would be pending me having enough fiber to fill all the orders, having enough envelopes, having some sanity, etc. My hope is to pack up & label these bags all tomorrow, ship them Tuesday & then have an update on Wednesday with estimated shipping time for any new orders that come in. I don’t think having enough fiber will be an issue, but I don’t want anyone to miss out on some of the good stuff.

Let me catch my breath, but feel free to comment me in the meantime & I will add you to the pending list.


GRAB BAG FRENZY: Holy Mother of all Fiber Purges

So, as many of you know, I used to be a “professional” novelty spinner. Some of you may know me as the co-founder of Material Whirled. Sadly, my health & my life have gotten in the way of my spinning. Now I find that I only spin sock yarns anymore and yet I still have bins and bins of fibers that I don’t know if I will ever use. I would like to offer up a purge of grab bags, each filled with some fun & funky.

THE DEAL: Each bag is full of whatever I can cram into a tyvek envelope. Not full enough to pop, but plenty full. Weight varies depending on what I put in there, but I promise you a full bag. You may get cotton, silk, alpaca, blends, batts, angelina, firestar, mohair, opposum, camel, yak, oh yeah, and of course wool. I’ll mix up the colors in each bag and I’ll make sure everyone gets a handful of fun novelty spin-ins, some thread or yarn snippets and/or some fun trims or beads. I’m guessing the weight on the few that I’ve packed up so far at about 8 oz. or so.

THE PRICE: US Postage paid will be $8 per bag. Want more then one bag, price is the same, since each bag will ship separately. If you have allergies or fiber/color preferences let me know & I will see what I can do. I literally have hundreds of pounds of fiber to go through and this seems the most efficient way to get rid of gobs of it at once.
Payment via Paypal only. PM me for my email address.

Any spinners who know me can tell you, this is good stuff, not crap. I’m not a fan of crap. :D

International? Let me know and we will see what we can work out for you.

My house is smoke free and pet free.

Any questions, just give me a shout!

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's a good day

Not only is it Friday, which makes it good, I got my glasses AND I get to go see Harry Potter on a lunch date with my hubby. All of which make it a very, very good day.

In fact, now that I look at the time I have to run, but I at least wanted to share...

Movie review & knitting news coming soon! Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Thoughts & Giggling Nephews

  • I hate insurance companies
  • My inbox has over 4,000 messages in it. that sucks.
  • putting a 'whale tail' on your chevy celebrity will not make it look cool
  • nor will painting flames on your ford escort station wagon
  • I have serious knitting ADD
  • My spiffy new eyeglasses are in & I am dying to go pick them up
  • Someone *might* be interested in buying the Excursion. cross fingers.
  • Long Island Iced tea is the Devil's own private concoction
  • I still miss my Reenie
  • We got approved for partial funding for a fence! We will have to pay over $500 but still, every little bit helps. Just need to do the paperwork & get the permits now.
  • I love the new Ravelry chat feature. And bacon.
  • My state's governor is a moron.
  • I just finished watching Firefly. I am now a part of the cult.
  • I just started watching "Dead Like Me". Love it so far (2 episodes in)

Today's happy video -- my adorable nephew:
Nathan has the giggles :)