Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Thoughts & Giggling Nephews

  • I hate insurance companies
  • My inbox has over 4,000 messages in it. that sucks.
  • putting a 'whale tail' on your chevy celebrity will not make it look cool
  • nor will painting flames on your ford escort station wagon
  • I have serious knitting ADD
  • My spiffy new eyeglasses are in & I am dying to go pick them up
  • Someone *might* be interested in buying the Excursion. cross fingers.
  • Long Island Iced tea is the Devil's own private concoction
  • I still miss my Reenie
  • We got approved for partial funding for a fence! We will have to pay over $500 but still, every little bit helps. Just need to do the paperwork & get the permits now.
  • I love the new Ravelry chat feature. And bacon.
  • My state's governor is a moron.
  • I just finished watching Firefly. I am now a part of the cult.
  • I just started watching "Dead Like Me". Love it so far (2 episodes in)

Today's happy video -- my adorable nephew:
Nathan has the giggles :)


Anonymous said...

oh how sweet x

sjanova said...

Argh. I can't hear the baby over the music on your site, which I usually turn off because this machine doesn't do well with that. But I wanted to hear the baby giggling. He's so cute. Love the crawling stage, don't you?