Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Careful, wouldn't want to knock yourself out now, would you?

I found out something incredibly interesting yesterday.  It is possible to accidentally make your own chloroform.  Guess how I figured that one out???  Word of warning, when cleaning the grime off an old brass table lamp with acetone, should you find yourself in need of a little brush to get into the crevices, be certain that it is NOT the toothbrush you last dipped in bleach to clean the crevices in the bathroom sink.  Just sayin.

I got all woozy and loopy and then had a mother of a headache for the rest of the day.  Not fun.

Although it is fun to tell people you accidentally choloformed yourself and then watch their reactions.

I also learned a great way to get out really, really stubborn carpet stains. Spot Shot and a scrub brush (and no, again, NOT the bleach brush).  While the directions advise you to wait sixty-seconds for tough set in stains, they obviously do not have carpet in a house with four men, five if you include the cat.  I also disregard the advice to not saturate the carpet.  I soak the hell out of it, wait about 2 minutes and then attack with my hand-dandy scrub brush.  Nary a stain in sight, even those that may have been on the carpet a scary long time.

All this cleaning and prepping to sell the house has left very little time for crafting.  I will give you a quick glimpse though of some of what has been happening...
 My laundry room got a much needed cleaning & makeover.  See, we don't have a basement or a garage (just outbuildings) but we do have a HUGE laundry room.  Like 8 x 12 huge.  So I took one entire wall and Man-Caved it.  It turned out awesome!

I also cleaned out the boys game closet, which was affectionately referred to as The Cupboard Under The Stairs.  The allocation of games will begin shortly.  I cannot fathom we had so much junk wholesome family fun stuffed down there.  

 Speaking of "junk", Chumley (nee Luna) got his junk chopped off this week.  He is still a bit ginger, but he is recovering.

I did manage to get a bit into the harvest spirit.  One very inexpensive autumn wreath was made using nothing but a wicker woven wreath from the dollar store, 3 strands of dollar store wreath garland and 2 bunches of dollar store flowers.  No glue, no wire, no nothing else.  All that for just $6 and about 4 minutes of work.  Amazing.

 Oh, and Chum helped.
 And on a final purging note I am offering 20 xbox games for $100 or best offer.  You can see them all here (there are a few not in cases) as well as a memory card.  If you are interested, please let me know.

Happy Wednesday!

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Unknown said...

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