Friday, November 19, 2010

Holy crap! I'm renovating!

I am so tired, I can barely type.  On Monday night I started a bathroom renovation.  I watch enough HGTV that I figured in 30 minutes, 60 tops, I would have a fabulous new space.  Something that buyers could take a cue as to the potential that laid beneath my 1960's Brady-fabulous home.


So I have slaved, literally nearly every waking moment this week, in order to surprise my husband.  I haven't blogged, haven't made it in to the office, and honestly, haven't even showered in 2 days (because the plaster was curing, the paint was drying and I need a new shower curtain.

But at last, I am clean, the room is renovated and WOW -- it is amazing!!!  I do not

have a before photo, it was hideous and I was embarassed.  I do have a few "in progress" photos on my phone, but since getting my phone would involve moving and moving isn't on my agenda ever again, you will have to wait to see those later.

So, before I go all fetal position or my hands cramp up and refuse to work, I give you.....


It's not 100% finished.  Alex is still doing some finishing of hanging towel racks & such, but at least my portion is completed.  I am incredibly thrilled.  

I stripped 40 year old wallpaper, applied an artistic plaster layer over all the walls, primed, painted, retextured & repainted the ceiling, filled about a million holes, sanded till I couldn't move, painted the mirror, hung a new picture, installed new towel holders, fixed the light fixture, removed and spackled the old towel holder places, took apart my toilet and cleaned every single piece and put it back together, hacksawed bolts, covered said bolts with appropriate bolt covers, installed a door bumper and basically scrubbed everything cleaner than it has ever been in the 14 years we've lived here.  

Yes, I am excited.  Now, off to go curl up in a ball for a few minutes before the boo gets home and terrorizes the rest of the house.

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sjanova said...

WOW! What a nice job that is. I like the window corner (love the concept of a window with a diagonally opposite picture of a window). This was a challenging job, and the result is lovely. Congrats!