Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Smashed Penny Envy

Everytime Sparky & I go to a museum or place of amusement we snag ourselves a couple of smashed pennies.
Generally they end up in the coordinating shotglass for the place we visited, but after the blog post I just finished reading I can totally see me making smashed penny jewelry.

Go see the amazing that Jen at EPBOT has created!  (as if the CakeWrecks girl crush wasn't enough, she has to be terrifyingly talented & crafty too!)

Here is a sneak peek:

But since I am working on using up everything I have on hand before tackling new messes  projects, I am going to content myself with doing some crafting on some hemp jewelry kits I picked up (I think at wal-mart) ages ago.  If all goes well, I will have photos to share soon!


Caroline B said...

I've been admiring these on Epbot too but they are beyond my capabilities I'm afraid!

Emily said...

these are great! I also think they are beyond my abilities :)

Courtney L. Kramer said...

OMGosh those are pretty!! I totally want to try making those!