Friday, August 27, 2010

The practically perfect morning

I am finally beginning to settle into the routine of the new school year with Sparky living in another state.

This morning the boo woke up at 6am and came over and climbed into bed with me.  We snuggled for a few minutes (not nearly long enough!) and then toddled downstairs.

I started the coffee, got the boo his breakfast and logged into skype.  Sparky & I chatted for about 30 minutes or so.  Then time to get the boo changed & dressed & ready for school.

Outside we go, to wait for the van driver to pull up to the house.  The boo gets chauffeured to school by a van.  Yes, he rides "the short bus".  

Another morning of mom trying to take photos for daddy in Virginia.  Today we have a bit of scrap paper with us & the boo is very happy playing with it, waving it about as proudly as if it were a flag.

The bus pulls up and the boo jumps up and down, thrilled to see Mr. Claire arriving.  It is so gratifying to see that he is excited to be going to school.  He can't use words to tell us, but we can certainly tell by his actions that he is loving school so far this year.

All safely strapped into his seat & off they go.  I smile & take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful morning.  The humidity is nice and low, some of the leaves are beginning to get a tinge of red & the sun is sparkling.

I wander back into the house, refill my coffee and begin my day.
Indeed, a practically perfect morning.

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Brandy M. said...

Sorry it took so long to follow back. Thank you for joining Admirer Monday and I hope to see you again tomorrow evening. Also, I have recently listed some pattern giveaways on my site which you might be interested in as a knittter. Just FYI.