Tuesday, August 24, 2010

See that leaf? It really is turning over!

I just realized yesterday was my 100th Blog Post!  In a way, that's very exciting.  But in another way that's very lame when you consider exactly how old this blog is -- so old I don't even know.... let me research...

October 3, 2005.

Wow; I'm almost to my FIVE YEAR BLOG-A-VERSARY!

We will have to do something fun to celebrate.  Anyone have any suggestions?  A link party? A giveaway? Cake? (there should always be cake, in my opinion.)

Hit up the comments with your suggestions and we will see if we can come up with some sort of shindig.

At any rate, today was the boo's last day at summer camp.  Hooray!!!  No more spending 2 hours a day in the car driving back & forth and back & forth to Hanover.  No more putting 500 miles per week on my baby-car.  No more being on the road at 8am.  Hooray for school!!!!!!!

Yes, I am a little excited.

The Girl with the Dragon TattooI also bought another book today.  That's TWO real live foldy page books now this summer.  My thought  process was this:  I've been wanting to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for quite some time.  And then I heard a comparison on NPR between Bella from the Twilight series and Lisbeth from the Millennium series.  And from that point I've been determined to start on Larsson's trilogy.  And the paperback was only $5.97.  That's a bit cheaper than on the kindle, so hence, the foldy page book.  Plus I think my oldest son may enjoy reading this one when I am finished.

However now I just want to go climb into bed and snuggle in and start reading.  It's one of those climb in bed with a good book slightly dreary days.  And the boo's new evening nurse has just taken him outside to play.  Hmmmmm; okay, the temptation is too great; I'll let you know how far I get into the book on the next post.


Caroline B said...

Giveaways are always fun - I have one going on my blog at the moment for a mini knitted cat!

Emily said...

I think your oldest son's girlfriend might also like to read this book when you are done ;)