Friday, January 28, 2011

Angela L Place Born: 03-10-1970 Died: 01-27-2011

Angela has unexpectedly passed away some time in the morning while asleap. She leaves a very large void in the many lives she touched.

Funeral will be held on Wednesday Feb 2 at:
Heffner Funerial Home
1551 Kenneth Road
York, PA

Viewing 5PM-7PM with the funeral to follow the viewing

John C. Place

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Video Song from the boo & friends

The boo and his classmates in Mrs. Peterson's room as well as his friends in Mrs. Musone's third grade class wish you all a 

The boo is in the front row, first seat on your left in the pink shirt 
(sorry daddy, see what happens when you are in Virginia!)


Friday, November 19, 2010

Holy crap! I'm renovating!

I am so tired, I can barely type.  On Monday night I started a bathroom renovation.  I watch enough HGTV that I figured in 30 minutes, 60 tops, I would have a fabulous new space.  Something that buyers could take a cue as to the potential that laid beneath my 1960's Brady-fabulous home.


So I have slaved, literally nearly every waking moment this week, in order to surprise my husband.  I haven't blogged, haven't made it in to the office, and honestly, haven't even showered in 2 days (because the plaster was curing, the paint was drying and I need a new shower curtain.

But at last, I am clean, the room is renovated and WOW -- it is amazing!!!  I do not

have a before photo, it was hideous and I was embarassed.  I do have a few "in progress" photos on my phone, but since getting my phone would involve moving and moving isn't on my agenda ever again, you will have to wait to see those later.

So, before I go all fetal position or my hands cramp up and refuse to work, I give you.....


It's not 100% finished.  Alex is still doing some finishing of hanging towel racks & such, but at least my portion is completed.  I am incredibly thrilled.  

I stripped 40 year old wallpaper, applied an artistic plaster layer over all the walls, primed, painted, retextured & repainted the ceiling, filled about a million holes, sanded till I couldn't move, painted the mirror, hung a new picture, installed new towel holders, fixed the light fixture, removed and spackled the old towel holder places, took apart my toilet and cleaned every single piece and put it back together, hacksawed bolts, covered said bolts with appropriate bolt covers, installed a door bumper and basically scrubbed everything cleaner than it has ever been in the 14 years we've lived here.  

Yes, I am excited.  Now, off to go curl up in a ball for a few minutes before the boo gets home and terrorizes the rest of the house.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I got these when I worked at Borders.  They are approx. 12" x 12" square on heavy poster board.

I have two complete sets, although the one Jar-Jar may be a little scruffy on the edges.

$40 per set OBO

Monday, November 15, 2010

DESTASH: Coney Island -- part II

Same rules apply as on the first post.  Forgotten already? Refresher!

In all seriousness, this orange color is stunning.  It is a deep rust that is hard to capture; it just glows.  As you can see, there is some fringies; I would think that is just on the very outside in that one spot, but I cannot guarantee the quality of this cone.  As you can see, the two black companions are in great condition.  Price: $20

The green color chenille is simply stunning.  The bright one is, well, bright.  True story, one time I wrapped a package up with a bit of the bright one.  Customer wrote to me asking how much of the bright chenille I might have in the stash & would I sell it to her.  She wanted to make a sweater out of it.  I will sell it to you, but only if you PROMISE to NEVER make a sweater out of either of these.  Price: $17


Three more super sparkly cones of wonder.  A beautiful gold, not a scary lame gold, but a rich, warm glowing gold.  In the middle, a true electric blue and finally, a sparkly black evening number.  Again about a bajillionty yards here.  You could weave or knit along with this for a year and not use it all up.  Price: $45


Three cones with amazing texture.  I have no idea what the blue one is made of, but I love it lots & if no one buys it I will secretly be very happy.  The middle one doesn't have a ton of yardage but it is rich, vibrant & nice and squishy soft.  The tan has tons and tons of character with a very nice hand.  It's much more fluid than it looks in this photo.  I always imagined this as a summer crochet cover-up or a woven sunhat or bag.  The possibilities are endless!  Price $22

Two gigantic cones.  The white stuff is, well, odd.  But in a good way, like Aunt Gerturde after her second cosmo at thanksgiving.  It reminds me of cording for jewelry.  It looks like it should be elastic & stretchy, but it's not at all.  I have crocheted with it before and it looks great worked up.  The brown is, well, like Uncle Frank, Aunty G's reliable husband.  You can count on him to dd her home and even though he isn't flashy, he has a soft side when you get up close.  Price: $13


Three cones (ignore the others on the edges, I was running out of room)  I love, love, love the orange cone. Hmmm, when I say "orange cone" that makes me think of a highway cone.  Trust me, this is nothing like that at all.  This is a slinky, sexy, shimmery orange that would be amazing as a lace wrap.  The other two, well, that's where the clowns are, I suppose.  The one of the left is bright and sparkly & loads of fun.  Back in my spinning days This was one of my favorites & it was used often as a base for core spinning or as a ply for fun stuff.  And then there is the big tall asparagus looking cone.  It is a gorgeous color.  I bought it online and about peed myself over the color.  But it is NOT next to the skin soft.  I've only ever used it once, in a skein of yarn that also contained mood rings crocheted in at various intervals.  Yeah, it's that kind of cone.  Price: $24

Three more stunners.  All have a boucle type texture to them.  The blue and cream are very soft.  The gold is rich and vibrant.  There is a bit of dirt on the very outside few wraps of the golden cone.  I could just unwrap those few yards and you would never know, but depending on how you are using it, you might not care & it might wash off, so I leave it to you to decide.  Price: $23

Okay, that's it for tonight.  Need to go watch some Monday Night Football; apparently the Eagles are already up 14-0 in the first few minutes.  

MORE STUFF I THOUGHT OF;  If you see it here, it's still available.  Cross-outs will happen when stuff is sold.  Everything is sold AS IS, but if you are truly, deeply unhappy with something let me know and we will work something out.  I really don't want returns, given that I am moving, but I absolutely wouldn't want anyone to be unhappy.  However, I can't imagine you not loving these as much as I do.  It is killing me to give them up, but really, how much can one girl use?

Now, go shop & when you are done shopping, spread the word so your friends can join in the fun too!  

 Oh, and most of all, THANK YOU!!!