Monday, March 29, 2010

Pride, Prejudice & Argus

So I finally started reading "Pride & Prejudice" this weekend. It was the first book I downloaded on my kindle nearly a year ago. Not sure why I was suddenly motivated to read it, other then the utter shame I feel when all my knitterly friends start discussing and I just sit there mutely or pretend to be digging through my knitting bag.

What's that you ask? Do I actually still knit? Smartasses. Just because I don't ever remember to share my knitting doesn't mean it isn't happening.

I've done THREE shawls so far this year. I have pics of two of them and sorta pics of the third (it is awaiting blocking -- maybe I'll do that tonight).

The first one was Argus from Wendy Johnson of WendyKnits. I knitted it out of Yarntopia Treasures WoolSilk yarn. The silk was more of a raw silk, so it should wear forever.  Sorry the blocking photo is so dark.  It was at night & with my cell phone, so ya know, you get what you get with that sort of thing.  It was my first time using the blocking wires.  I guess I didn't completely screw it up, because it looks pretty good now.


Shelley said...

lol...I swear its the knitters who finally got ME to read pride and prejudice as well!

Courtney said...

Oh Man I love Pride and Prejudice! I recommend watching the movie if you start getting a little confused! I first time around there were so many Miss Bennet's I couldn't figure out which one was doing this or that! hehe After the movie it worked much better for me! Love that book! Definitely one of my faves!
Nice Blog!