Saturday, March 13, 2010

Because I need one more hobby...

Wicked wind this morning.  Had Beastie up at 5:30am; which of course means that I too was up, at approximately 5:31am.  This would not be such a big deal if I had not been up until 1:30 in the morning playing with my new loom.  Yup, I said it, a loom.  It's not spiffy or fancy like the looms of my friends.  It's not classic or worth much to anyone but me, but it's my new shiny and I loves it.  So much so that I am already figuring out how to get a bigger one into the house without Sparky realizing I have upgraded.  Yes, all you professional rigid heddlers out there, I know I have everything off center.  I know my stripes are more like wiggles.  I realize that my tension is probably waaaaayyyyy too tight.  And I have no idea what the purpose of all those paper things were & I'm sure I will regret not using them later.  Oh, do I really need those?  Because Beastie ate them.  Really.

I have developed a new passion, reading crafty blogs.  Then I get all these amazing ideas from all these fantastic bloggers.  And of course, I do nothing with the ideas, but hey, at least my brain is being crafty, right?  I thought I might occasionally share some of the cute with you guys, so hopefully maybe someone will do more then just drool over the creativity of others but actually be inspired to do some actual creating.  Today's find is A Bit O' Shine by Molly. I love her stuff, most notably her ability to turn trash into treasure.  Check out this post where she turns a Laughing Cow cheese container (can we say 'yum') into a cute little giftie holder.  So inspired!

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