Sunday, August 16, 2009

if you aren't part of the solution...

recently my ASA chapter put up some billboards that said...

"If 1 in 150 children were kidnapped we would have a national emergency. We do. Autism."

This is a quote from a PARENT of a child with autism.

Suddenly we are in the middle of a controversy about these billboards. I am not going to link these sites that are bashing and slamming my group. The things these people are saying about my ALL VOLUNTEER group of mostly MOMS of children with autism are horrible, hateful and malicious. I am not going to give them publicity; if you want to see, just use your google-fu.

I still stand by the decision to run these billboards 100%

HEY..... ALL YOU PROTESTERS..... why don't you take a minute to actually READ THE BILLBOARD!!!

we are NOT saying kids with autism have been kidnapped or that their brains are being held hostage

we are making a comparison to make people realize that autism is serious & that if it were anything else people would take it more seriously.

I am so completely pissed off right now. And I'm tired. And yes, congrats you evil hate-spewing people.... If you wanted to make the mommy of a six year old little boy with a beautiful smile, an amazing sense of humor, curly blonde hair, blue eyes and the most tickle-able belly ever, who also happens to have severe autism cry, hooray you -- you did it! Don't you feel good about yourself now?

I will spend tomorrow devoting another 12 - 14 unpaid hours volunteering to clean up this mess and deal with your hate. For tonight I am going to go snuggle my sleeping angel and then probably cry myself to sleep.


ckknitter said...

OMG - the insensitivity of folks constantly amazes and distresses me. As an educator, I've seen the number of children with autism steadily increase over the last 10-15 years - and I know from teaching a preschool population that the numbers continue to increase. Hugs to you & your beautiful angel! I think your billboard made an excellent comparison - keep fighting the good fight!

PS: Have you read "Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew"? I think it provides some very concise points for people who are unfamiliar with autism in general. Hugs again - ckk

debolsillo said...

I'm just sending you hugs and as my grannie use to say "Don't think in things that doesn't deserve it!" (k)

Unknown said...

(sigh) I think the billboard is an excellent metaphor. What I despise are the ignorant folks who believe they cannot be affected or touched by autism with the NIMB attitude. *Bunny hugs to you and your son* =:8

Jenny said...

I am the Mom of a beautiful healthy Celiac Toddler. The responses I can get when I explain that he can not do certain things due to the massive chance of ingesting things that will leave him in pain for a month are sometimes really atrocious too. I am so sorry for your plight, and I sure do we have a reason/source and cure so very soon. Hugs Momma. Oh, how our lives change when we have someone so precious.

jude02golf said...

It is unfortunate that people 'don't know what they don't know'. The billboards were EXCELLENT. They are eye catching and honest. It is a hard job to educate people who don't want to be educated. And YOU, my dear, are great at it. Your blonde, curly haired little man brings so much joy to those of us who know him. For you and all of the volunteers that work so hard to get the message out about the seriousness of autism - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. It took years for people to start taking the Drug & Alcohol Prevention ads seriously, but now they are a part of an impressive awareness campaign. Don't give up! And it's okay if you cry sometimes....we all do it:) Stay strong (as I know you will) and remember that you and your son have a LOT of people who love you!!!!

Unknown said...

I for one know how much you do i've witnessed it first hand and i'm sometimes amazed at how you manage to stay strong and deal with the people and things that cause you stress on a daily basis. Me being one of them from time to time. And to think that someone who has absolutely no idea how we work in our community and our environment would have the nerve to say such things about something he knows nothing about is completely absurd. And it irritates me to know that there's people like that out there who, no matter what we're all looking for in our family and friends who have autism don't care but just think it might be fun to ruin someone elses night by saying things like that. Its ridiculous and its unfair to everyone who has/had to deal with it. I just want you to know that I love you and i always will no matter a billboard you put up may say if its something that will boost the awareness of what my amazing little brother has and many other amazing people i know have then so be it. =) I love you.

John Best said...

Would you ask your ASA chapter leaders to get in touch with me? I understand that they took the billboard down due to this pressure. If they will allow me to intervene, I'll handle the protestors. Let them say whatever they like and I have the words to defeat them.
Take a look at this
and learn what the protestors really are. They are, in essence, Pharma and it is simple to destroy them if you know how to shove all of their phoney words of protest right back down their throats.