Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome to the world of the employed...

So mucho excitement here in happyneedle-land lately. For starters, I got a job. I know, it's a shocker. I haven't had a "real" job since I had to stop work because of being pregnant with the Beastie and I haven't earned a steady income since Material Whirled moved to the west coast. But all that has changed, I have entered the land of the employed. And oh boy, did I land a dream job! Let me tell you all about it...

My friend Beth co-owns my LYS, Uncommon Threads. She also owns The Alpaca Yarn Company. This is clearly someone who it pays to be friends with. NOT that I am friends with her for those reasons. We are friends because she makes me laugh and that she is even MORE anal-retentive about things then me, which makes me feel like the normal one. Add to that the fact that she is super smart, has great taste in men, pets and friends and works harder then 2 average people put together and it's obvious why I like spending time with her. So when my LYS went to Stitches East & they invited me to go along and help out at the booth, I jumped at the chance.

I love going to shows. I love selling yarn & notions & patterns. I love helping someone who only has a vague idea of what they want to make and helping them see how certain yarns will be perfect for the project or helping them find the perfect pattern for the yarn they just fell in love with. I get a thrill when someone buys enough yarn to make a sweater or when I give them the confidence to tackle socks or their first lace stole. So yeah, I go to help out at shows for totally selfish reasons; I go because I get off helping other people fulfill their yarny dreams.

So anyway, during Stitches while we were hanging out at the hotel on Friday night Beth was poking around on the computer and we were talking about ravlery and blogging and plurk and twitter and all sorts of virtual marketing possibilities that are out there. Turns out Beth was looking to hire someone who had exactly the skill-set that I've been unknowingly honing with all my online yarn obsessions. She asked me if I wanted a job and I said yes before either one of us had a chance to sober up. So, my dear blog friends, you are now reading the personal blog of the Marketing Director for The Alpaca Yarn Company. Yay!!! Sounds all sorts of professional, doesn't it?

My first duties were to get set up on ravelry (check), set up a blog (check), get up and running on plurk and twitter (check, check) and lots of other stuff that thrills me to no end but would probably bore you to tears. The best parts, I can work from home, while Beastie is at school and I can work around his doctor/therapy/specialist schedule. I can still do those two+ hour calls to the insurance company. And, I can do it in my jammies, because we all know how I'm ALL about the jammies.

So yeah, I'm more then a little excited about this opportunity. It feels so good to be working again and using my brain and let's face it, the money helps too. Thanks Beth for giving me this chance! Hang on folks, it should be a fantastic ride!!!


ogman said...

Congrats. Sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy!

Reenie Hanlin said...

You are so talented and amazing and will totally rock this job!

ps lurv the angela blog background!

yarnpiggy said...

Definitely a dream job! And you totally rock it! :-)

Blogspot Problogger said...

How exciting! :D Does she have someone/you doing those things for her LYS too?

Hopefully this week I'll be doing the same kinds of things for a LYS