Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lunchbox lifesaver

I was recently able to participate in a sample program through bzzagent involving Smuckers Uncrustables. For those of you who don't know, Uncrustables are frozen peanut butter & jelly sandwiches that you can pop into your child's lunchbox in the morning and by lunchtime they have thawed to the perfect eating temperature. I know it sounds silly, but even taking my eyes off of Beastie for a minute while I make a sandwich can be enough time for him to climb into the windows, take his clothes off or run and hide in his bedroom. And of course he usually does these things as the bus is coming down the lane and I am frantically trying to get him out the door. I figure life is hard enough for us, if there is one little thing that can make it easier, I'm crazy not to take advantage of it. Plus we all know how much Beastie, and most kids with autism crave consistency, so this is just one more (EASY) to give him the sameness that he loves. I have some coupons for these little pockets of sunshine, so if anyone wants one, hit me up at the next ASA meeting or drop me a comment and I'll mail you some and you can see for yourself what a lifesaver these can be.


Anonymous said...

At some point, when everyone else is out of the house & you have 20 minutes... batter & deep-fry those things. Seriously. It'll be our little secret ;)

Girl Meets Needle said...

Those uncrustables are delicious! I love them, and that's saying something since I'm not usually fond of peanut butter and jelly...but when I get a craving for it, I usually head to the frozen food section and buy those up.

As for the battering and deep-frying...I'm gonna have to try that.