Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Wrap-Up

Another month without a post.  Bad, bad blogger.  Although as way of an excuse, it has been even crazier than usual around here:
1) Husband left his job and took a new one working for a cyber security firm outside of Washington, DC.
2) Husband now lives in DC Monday - Friday and is only home on the weekends
3) Beastie (who from here on out will be called "The Boo" to more accurately reflect what we call him here at home) started speech therapy at Johns Hopkins weekly --- this means we leave at 11:30am and get home at 4pm or so
4) I had ANOTHER abdominal surgery; hopefully this one will resolve the problems I have been having since the hysterectomy did not resolve them
5) My surgery recovery has been slower than I expected it to be
6) I am preparing to sell my house, however I have found it is much more fun to search for a new house than to prepare to sell the old one

At any rate, with all of that explained, I now hope to get back to more or less (but hopefully more) regular blogging.  The Boo goes back to school on Wednesday, so life should quiet down a bit and blogging should go back to being part of my daily routine.

Since I have been in 'recovery mode' I've been reading a ton of blogs again.  So freaking inspiring.  You guys have me awestruck.

That being said though, I am going to do my best to impart my little bit of sunshine and wit to the bloggy-world.

I thought we would start by partaking in Admirer Monday, since I admire so many of my fellow bloggers.

Question of the Week: If you could have one talent what would it be?

I've always said if I had one magical power it would be the ability to teleport.  I spend (read: waste) so much time in the car traveling from place to place, appointment to appointment.  While I don't mind if I can use this as knitting or crocheting time or even time to have nice chats with my husband, I loathe when I am the one driving.  I am really looking forward to moving to the city where hopefully I can utilize mass transit or at least have the world a bit more at my fingertips.

But alas, a magical power is not a talent.  If I could have one talent I think it would be to be an amazing singer.  I can sing -- but I'm not amazing at it; I wouldn't call it a "talent" more like an "I don't suck too bad".  If I could make my living at a microphone, belting out the blues, I would consider myself a very, very lucky woman.

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I'm your newest follower from Admirer Monday.