Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Astral Cowl

Beastie & I overslept this morning. All the 'men' were gone to work/school and it never occurred to any of them that I might appreciate a wake up. So at about 30 seconds before the bus pulled up to the house I woke up, just in time to glance at the clock, jump out of bed and hear the tell-tale crunch of gravel. Fuck.

Run outside (in my jammies and no bra) and explain to the van driver that we have overslept. Wake up beastie, who has no interest at all in being awake and run downstairs to go potty. Meanwhile, beastie has made himself vertical and grumpily wandered to the kitchen. Try as you might, you cannot explain "hurry" to a severely autistic, tired, hungry six year old. You must let him sit at the table to eat his breakfast and even though you try to convey that the cold poptart is just as good as the homecooked eggs he has been eating everyday for breakfast during his 2 week holiday vacation, you somehow fall short and settle for him yelling at you in between bites of pastry while trying to jam his hightop sneakers onto his feet.

And that was all before 9am.

Thankfully the day got better after that. I saw two foxes on the drive to take beastie to school. One following the other across the road. They were beautiful with huge bushy tails. Foxes have always been enigmatic to me. They look like a cross between a dog and a cat, at least to me. I think I like them, although I'm not really sure.

Leigh Ann, my bff, came over and did my dishes and vacuumed my floors, because that's the kind of bff she is -- and no, you cannot have her, she's all mine. Meanwhile I finished the Astral Cowl I had been sample knitting for work. Here is a before blocking photo:

FlickrDroid Upload

and a detail shot

FlickrDroid Upload

I'm all kinds of thrilled with how it turned out. Beth is taking it to TNNA along with the other cowl I designed made with Halo; she did the sample knitting for that one and it is OMG gorgeous. I cannot wait to see the photos of that on our model.

I've also been working on a few other designs, several from mmmmmalabrigo. I am thrilled to be designing more often. It's like a dream come true. Really, my whole fibery world is like someone said to me, "Write out a description of your dream job & then we will pay you to do it."

I am blessed.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, what a morning!
The cowl looks beatiful.

Girl Meets Needle said...

What a morning...but still you do have a gorgeous, lovely, perfect cowl and you look simply gorgeous in that pic!