Monday, November 03, 2008

Why can't it be the year 2023?

So still more catching up to do. Remember how I said I have committed to moving to Mexico as soon as feasible? We have fallen in love with the northern Yucatan peninsula. The amazing city of Merida is close enough to the coast that we can have modern amenities and yet we can still have that dream house on the beach. And oh my goodness, I've found the house I want. It's not crazy expensive and is actually doable in our budget. Of course, it's not practical at the moment, but it has given me something to dream about.

But, enough about the dream world, let's get back to the present.

We just celebrated Halloween. Although celebrated would be a misnomer. Beastie has no interest in trick-or-treating, so I dressed him up & took pictures and just gave him treats here instead. But he did look awfully cute.The other bummer is that we don't get trick-or-treaters where I live. It's back a private lane, next to a longhorn steer ranch. You don't get much of anything around here, let alone little kids knocking on doors. But I had fun hanging with the Beastie & playing with the photos and lord knows, we don't need all that extra candy laying around here.

So in more spinning news, my last swap partner sent me the most decadent batt from loop that I had been secretly coveting for quite some time.
LinkIt's called Chocolate Chip Mint and it was 3 ounces of delicious bamboo in chocolate, vanilla & mint. I slurped it all up and spun it into a to-die-for single:

I'm not 100% sure what I am going to do with it yet, although simply sitting it next to me and petting it has been working out pretty good so far.

I mentioned I'm selling my PT Cruiser. What I don't think I told you is that I bought a new car. A spiffy mom-mobile, the Kia Rondo. I LOVE it!!!

It's loaded with leather everywhere, heated seats, a "basement" in the back with loads of storage cubbies, a 10 speaker Infinity six-disc CD changer & best of all, Beastie's wheelchair fits in the back perfectly. It's got 8 air bags, so I don't mind letting the teen drive it (he loves the 'pick-up' of the V6 engine) and when I drove it out of the showroom it had 6 miles on the odometer. My first new car! Squee!!!

Maybe tomorrow I'll hit you with some knitting news but for right now I've got to dash & take the teen to the doctor. Happy Monday!!!

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