Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm a winner...

Twice in one week, I won something. And I honestly never win anything. Last week I won $100 on a scratch off lottery ticket. The money went for.... wait for it... yarn (shocker). And then it put some gas in my gas tank. So yeah, that was about it for those winnings.

Then today, I found out I won some of WendyKnits leftover Wollmeise. Yay for the random number generator that picked my comment.

And in a delicious bit of universe karma, I spent most of my day giving away stuff too. As I think I mentioned before (sometimes I forget what I plurk vs. what I blog) York College gave us used computers to give to families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders. So this morning, I spent some quality time with the random number generator at www.random.org and distributed 22 laptops and desktops to local families. Then of course, I made a mistake when I notified some of them, but I've got it mostly all straightened out now. Pickups are this Thursday & Friday. Yay!

And then I learned a new skill today. I love it when I learn new things. Today I learned how to take a google spreadsheet & turn it into a form for use on websites and blogs. When people fill the form, it automatically slings the answers into my spreadsheet. No more taking hundreds of emails and converting people's random way of submitting information for me! No siree -- yay google!!! Oh, if you wanna see my handiwork, you can find it here.

I have knitting to share, but I can't, at least not till Santa delivers his Christmas in July package to my secret pal.

Oh, I do have some knitting news though, I joined the Ravelympics, on the Team Harrisburg Socks. I'm a WIP Wrestler! I'll be completing all the baby objects for my nephew, due at the end of September. He's gorgeous already, dontcha think? Look out little man, you got a boatload of snuggle, cuddles and squishy knitables coming your way!


tata said...

Congrats on all your winnings and a gorgeous nephew!

Naomi Mimi said...

that ultrasound picture is incredible! he looks like such a cutie :)

Anonymous said...

I wandered over to 'meet' the winner of WendyKnits recent contest and found your blog lovely and real. Thanks for sharing.