Friday, July 18, 2008

the week that was....

It has been a really long week. We did the MRI. It did not go smoothly, but at least it's over & they say they got good pictures. We are waiting to hear the results.

I went shopping for Beastie's birthday. What should be a happy occasion was sobering because I was buying him toys designed for ages 12-18 months for his 5th birthday. That just makes me indescribably sad. Of course, I probably have pms too.

On a happy note, there was knitting! I worked on sweaters. Because, you know, it's 10,000 degrees with 40,000% humidity, so let's knit sweaters! Pics of those in progress coming soon.

There is was also some sock knitting for a special someone. I can share a pic, but I can't say who it is for, at least not yet.

These are my red rag wool socks. Made from O-wool balance, 50% wool, 50% cotton. The pic is from my cell, so forgive the quality. And I realize they look like little person socks, but they really are big enough to fit even my monster-sized feet. I knit them on size 4 needles, which is just like sock candy at that point. My tolerance for tiny needles is decreasing as my desire to have more FOs increases. Something about that darn progress bar on the left side keeping me honest & on the right path.

And I made a Wordle. I have no idea why the word "going" is so abundant. I guess I am often "going" to do something. I wish the word "accomplished" were in there somewhere. At any rate, here you have it...
(click to see it bigger)


Mz Mar said...

What fun that Wordle site is!! Thanks for the link~~
How do you get it to your blog tho?? I don't get it!!

angela said...

First you have to save it to the gallery, then when you do that you will get the code to paste into your blog. HTH!!!