Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beastie's new glasses

Sparky went scuba diving today, so I had a fun filled day of cleaning, knitting, watching a myriad of different sports and Beastie chasing. Beastie was a handful, with no daddy or brothers anywhere to be found. He did however do the best thing ever today. He wore his glasses for 45 minutes straight! That's the good news. I'll show you a pic before I tell you the bad news, so you can see just how cute he really is...

So after 45 minutes of wearing the glasses, playing, doing the things a Beastie does, he quietly slips to the back half of the living room. The part of the room where I can't see him without becoming a contortionist. By the time I think to check on him, the glasses are off and he is chewing on them. I start yelling, "NO". He flings the glasses and comes running at warp speed to climb up on the sofa. He starts yelling back at me in Beastieese. I have no idea what he was yelling, but he was pissed at me for yelling at him, that's for sure. I found the glasses (just a scratch on the 2 day old lens, no big deal) and then cuddled him and explained how proud I was that he wore them for so long and that I wasn't mad at him, but that he was not allowed to taste his glasses. And before you ask, yes, the glasses are the toughest substance known to man and the frames are the kind you can literally tie into a knot without damage. Lord knows if there has ever been a child who will test that tolerance, it's our Beastie.

We go to see the pediatric neurologist on Thursday to figure out more of what's wrong behind his left eye. The pediatriac opthamologist saw some stuff she didn't like when she had him under anesthesia last week, so it's another round of specialists and probably MRIs and possibly more surgery.

But for now, let's all just focus on how cute he is now that he can finally see better.

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