Monday, June 29, 2009

some WIPs & some tnna & some Beastie

(wow, that title almost sounds naughty! anyway.......)

I've been kniting & crocheting like a mad-woman lately. Never without 2 or 3 (or more) projects with me wherever I may be going. Some of them are TSS (top secret stuff, not therapeautic support staff [sorry kristy!]) but some of them are able to be shared, so I will happily do that now.

First up is my second Summer Sock Hop Sock

This was taken yesterday. Since then I've gotten almost to the toe decreases. And yes, in this photo the sock is on DPNs. But that really didn't work for me, so never fear, it is back on the loop and buzzing along fine again.

I hope to have this one done tomorrow. It will be perfect knitting while Beastie is having his eye exam (more on that later).

Next is my Geisha Wrap by Kristin Omdahl from the book Wrapped in Crochet. I'm doing it in the Moda Dea Silk N' Wool blend that I got from Coats & Clark as a thank you for organizing the Special Olympics Scarf project on Ravelry. I'm almost through my second skein of yarn and it is just skipping right along. Perfect mindless summer crochet.

I'm hoping to finish it in the car this weekend when we are on our way up to the Poconos for the weekend for a family reunion. Won't that be cute for firework snuggling?

I truly believe absence does make the heart grow fonder. I was gone for five days at TNNA. What a fantastic time we had, but wow, was I happy to get home to my men. And I'm pretty sure they missed me too, although with all the testosterone floating around they would be hard pressed to admit it to anyone.

I met so many wonderful, amazing people. I tried hard not to act like a fangirl a few times, but wow, was it hard when so many of your needlearts crushes are so near. I won't name any names in order to save myself embarassment, but suffice it to say that I get to check off some names on my "people I'd like to meet" list.

Our booth was great looking & great fun too. There were so many wonderful LYS owners stopping by to see the new yarns and so many great designers coming in too. Really, it was a fibergirl's dream come true. I'll blog about the new yarns later this week on the Paca-Blog and be sure to link here when I do so. You better get your bibs ready, because these babies are drool-worthy!

And speaking of babies...

Beastie sacked out after a long hard day at camp. Tomorrow morning he goes in for an eye exam under sedation. It appears as though his astigmatism has had a 90 degree shift in the past year, something that is highly unusual, so we have to have another 'surgical procedure' done to see what is going on inside those eyeballs of his. Cross your fingers for us; I'll update on his results as soon as I can.

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