Thursday, August 07, 2008

a quick update...

This will be quick, because I have 10,000 other things I should be doing, even though I would rather be here. A couple of quick updates:

~ Beastie's MRI came back clear! No brain tumors, no scary stuff, just a normal beastie brain. Well, ya know, normal for the beastie.

~ Given the fact that his issues are now "just autism", we went ahead and started him on Risperdal, the autism drug. It's only been a week, but so far the results look promising. More being 'here', more eye contact, doing better in drills, doing things he has had a lot of trouble with in the past, less temper tantrums, etc. Plus the verbals seem to be going up. And no, we're not just seeing these things because we want this to work. If anything, we are skeptics. Remember, we tried the Gluten-free/Casein-free diet that works wonders for most kids with autism and it did nothing for beastie, not even a tiny improvement even after 5 months of strict diet. So at the moment, we are just the tiniest bit optimistic.

~ My secret pal Laura loved her Christmas in July gifts, including the hand knitted socks I made for her. She's had me twice in a row as an upstream, so I'm glad she likes my presents. It's tough to buy for the same person two swaps in a row because you've already sent a lot of your "go to" gifts (ie special hand cream that I love, stitch markers from a favorite etsy seller, etc).

~ I have dropped out of the UFOlympics and signed up for the Ravelympics along with several other members of the Harrisburg Sock Knitter's group on Ravelry. I have registered my everyday baby blanket, which is almost done, my yeti baby sweater, which just needs the hood knitted and then to be seamed (ugh) and last but not least my pride & joy, the heirloom baby blanket, which is considered "advanced" crochet by the pattern designer and also by those who rated the pattern on ravelry. I'm afraid I've bitten off a bit more then I can chew, so I think I am just going to focus on the heirloom blanket and hope I can at least get that completed.

~ I still can't smell. I go to get a cat scan tonight to see if it's allergies or sinuses. Then in 2 weeks I go to have that lovely prick test done to see exactly what it is that I am allergic to -- fun, fun, fun.

I think that's it for the moment. Or at least all I have time to post.


I almost forgot about the spinning! Yes, there was spinning yesterday! Here's the proof!!! It's a 2 ply merino & silk blend, spun fingering weight, about 300 or so yards by my best guess. Hard to tell since I can't find a part of my niddy noddy so I can't measure, but I'm estimating. It might be a little longer, not sure. I do know that it's pretty as sin and that I can't believe I went so long without spinning.

I had lost my spinning mojo, but my friends on plurk had me itching to sit at the wheel again. And then it was 'my' day on the Stitch n Bitch calendar. The day where my yarn was featured.

The two combined had me digging thru bins and finding all the components of my spinning wheel and getting it oiled and set back up. I spun for about 2 - 3 hours yesterday. My fingers instinctivly knew exactly what to do, as if I had never stopped. However my hips quickly reminded me why I had given up the hobby all those months ago. Yes, today my hips still hurt, but I think as long as I am careful and don't do the marathon 8 - 10 hour spin sessions like I used to do and treat it more as a hobby then as a profession like I used to, I will be okay. Oh yeah, and if I take my meds like a good girl. Why does it always come back to taking my meds?

So now I'm really running behind on my work, so the hybrid crochet/knit sock I am working on will have to wait for my next post. Yes, you read that right, a sock that is both knit & crocheted. Wait till you see it!


Unknown said...

I am so glad to hear that you are seeing some good response to the new med for Beastie! Also, what a relief it must be for the MRI to come back clear. Take care plurk pal!

tata said...

Great news about the MRI!

I love the yarn you've spun :) I'm itching to get my own wheel - hopefully with my upcoming birthday!

Naomi Mimi said...

congrats on beastie being a-ok! i hope everything goes well as you figure out what helps him and what doesn't. be good to yourself, lady ;) take care of those hips and sinuses. cheers, naomimimi

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful news that your son's MRI is okay and the new medicine is working. Good luck with the allergy route. Quercitin, (a nutritional supplement that is anti-inflammatory and a natural anti-histamine, it is found in many fruits and veggies) helps mine a lot. One tablet in the morning, sometimes a second one at night and I can avoid allergy medicine for all but the 'moldiest' days. Drinking enough water helps also, mild dehydration seems to make it worse. Here's hoping it isn't the cat bothering you!
I don't spin but your yarn is so pretty it is tempting to try.