Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Self-indulgence

It's Saturday! Horray for Saturdays! Granted, I don't work so maybe Saturday shouldn't be much different then, say, Thursday, but it is different. Hubby is scuba diving today, so it's not even like I get to spend the day with my sweetie. But I do get to watch football & knit. College football, far & away my favorite. And guilt free knitting because after all, it's Saturday, and honestly, I can't be expected to do chores on a Saturday.

I am desperately trying to finish some of my WIPs so I can start on some new things without too much guilt. Right now I have half a tofutsie sock to finish, one entire baby sock to finish, one entire grown up sock to finish, 2/3 of a charity sweater to finish and a crocheted baby blanket that is about half way done that makes me want to puke everytime I think about it.

So I think the plan for today will be to finish the second baby sock in the morning (since football doesn't start for another 3.5 hours) and the baby sock is a new "sockitecture" for me, using Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters book. Then that will be one completed checkmark.

During football I think I try to finish the tofutsie sock. I'm on the foot, about 2" from starting the toe decreases. With luck I can finish that during the Penn State-Michigan game. But if the game is going poorly, my tension will probably be off. Hmmm, maybe if Penn State is losing I will tackle one of the charity hats I am knitting for Hats for Alex. Then at least tension won't matter as much.

If it's charity knitting then it is guilt-free casting on, right???

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