Monday, February 05, 2007

No, we don't have 18 hands or function on 2 hours of sleep a night...

As you may have noticed, Material Whirled has been growing by leaps and bounds. We've been adding more one-of-a-kind skeins on our site and we've started doing more specialty collections. We have increased our production to online yarn shops and you may have even found us when you walked into your LYS. Two questions people have asked us are, "How are you going to keep up with all of this?" and "How will you be able to continue producing and creating without being burned out?". Well, we are blessed to have found the answer.

As our business has grown and more and more opportunities were being presented to us, we knew we couldn't turn them down. We also knew we needed to occasionally feed our families, do laundry, remember to pay the cable bill, and do all those other non-fiber things. Reenie homeschools her two daughters and created and maintains the website. Paul (Reenie's husband. a.k.a. "Battman") has been dyeing, carding and prepping all of our fiber, in addition to running his business . Angela does the accounting and marketing, runs her local Autism Support group and is the mom to an autistic three-year old in addition to two very active teens. Angela's husband, John, is one of those 80 hour a week computer professionals, but has taken the time to help set up the server, security, and all the deep computer stuff that the normal person cannot comprehend (our own Yoda). So yeah, something had to're right! We can't keep up without burning out! We don't want to lose our passion and creativity by having our production overtake us but we don't want to have our faithful customer friends to have to wait weeks on end to receive orders. As much as we wanted to hire full time houseboys, our husbands wouldn't agree (they said it's not cost effective...whatever), so instead, we did the next best thing.

It started small. We both have sisters-in-law: Erin is Reenie's, Tracy is Angela's. They saw what we did and knew we loved it. They were both stay-at-home moms too and independently they had both mentioned (many times) their interest in learning to spin. They not only wanted to learn to spin but they felt the need, as many of us feel, for a creative outlet. So we taught Erin and Tracy how to spin! Nothing fancy at first, just lots and lots and lots of plain cream roving. They got sick of cream roving. Really sick of it. Then we moved onto dyed rovings and batts with glitz and texture. The amazing thing was the look of satisfaction when after a couple of miles of mess they produced their first usable yarns. There was a different energy about them and they would meet with us and get excited about all of our goals. They have thanked us many times because both were feeling caught up in "life" and said that this is something that has helped more than just financially but emotionally as well. Now, they each have purchased their own wheels, Lendrums, of course, and we have started working together to produce our yarns. We (Reenie and Angela) still do all of the designing and plying in all the "stuff", but we're creating a team of spinners who are thrilled to be a part of this business. In the past few months, we've been teaching a few other SAHMs (Stay At Home Moms) to spin too. Dayna, Kim, Bev, and Debbie who are also working on learning to spin the MW way. There are nine of us now-- WOW! We sure did not see this coming a year ago. Thanks to all of you! We have awakened a passion!!! We have big goals for Material Whirled and have no desire to limit our production and quality or squelch that burning drive to keep this momentum going for what we are envisioning for the future.

Don't worry, MW yarn still comes with the same 100% satisfaction guarantee as always, and honestly, you won't be able to tell the difference. We still spin ourselves into a frenzy and we will never allow a yarn to be sold without our approval and our creative energy. We feel this is a way that you, as the artist using our yarn, will have more skeins to chose from and more possibilites open to you creatively. By having a team of spinners, Reen and Angela can continue to focus on bringing you yarn you won't find anywhere else. We now can devote time to designing and finding cool stuff and inspirations. But the most important aspect of this is knowing that when you purchase our yarn you will not only be getting the quality and creativity of a Material Whirled yarn but will be making a contribution spiritually and financially towards helping stay-at-home moms be at home! See, yarn you can feel good about, yay!

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